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I heard about Clubhouse sometime late last year through the various accounts I follow on Instagram. Many of the influencers I follow would talk about it and comment via their stories on the good but mainly how pretentious the platform was. I confess I have an android device and did not know anyone who had Clubhouse, so I did not know whom to ask for an invite. So practically I had 2 strikes against me in an attempt to test out the platform and forgot about it.

Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend and my family came to visit from…

Photo by Zany Jadraque on Unsplash

Good MORNING! (Eddie Murphy voice)

In an attempt to connect more with society, now that most of my surrounding environment is open thanks to the Covid-19 vaccines I want to make it a practice to write more often. The goal is to help extricate my ideas, inquiries, and feelings and organize them. I feel that this writing exercise will help with meditation and create an opportunity to give back. I have attempted to start journals and write but with little to no consistency, thus I feel with this public forum I cannot hide from accountability.


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